Song Division – Schema

Song Division – Schema

Case Study: Song Division

How do you turn your tribe into raving fans? Most small businesses know they should be doing things like feedback forms, identifying trends, understanding your best and worst customers… but they often find it’s still on the “to do list”. Song Division knew they needed to do these things, and enlisted our help in developing a Know Your Tribe Strategy.

Song Division is a unique employee bonding experience where people – usually a group of employees – get to work with real musicians in professional venues.

Their clients bond by composing and recording their own song: no musical experience is required, but all employees get to act like rock stars!

Their first year focused on getting themselves out there, bringing in clients and coming up with ideas. However, Song Division soon realised that they needed feedback systems and procedures to ensure the continued growth of the business.

This is a common realisation in small business! While Song Division is a unique company, their business issues aren’t.

First, we had a great day at a Song Division session with staff from a large corporate. After reviewing the existing systems and procedures with Andy Sharpe (Managing Director), we discussed where he wanted the business to go, and who Song Division’s important stakeholders were. These are all crucial steps in developing a plan for collecting meaningful data.

Next, we set to work developing a strategy that Song Division could implement immediately. We went through the following steps:

  • analysed how their clients moved through the buying cycle (looking at both the client company and their employees who participate, as well as event companies on-selling Song Division)
  • designed separate surveys to collect relevant and usable data from each important stakeholder group
  • developed a plan of when and how to conduct surveys for each of these groups
  • designed a database plan to match the strategy so the data could be recorded in an easy and practical way

Song Division can now set up a database to be sure that their data will be collected and recorded in a consistent way. Now they won’t overlook changing client needs, and their knowledge will be continually updated.

Building a data strategy into your ongoing systems and procedures means you won’t have to go out of your way to get important information about your tribe – you’ll already have it!

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