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Case Study – Survey Design Review – Musica Viva

Musica Viva is an independent non-profit arts organisation, sharing the delights of chamber music with audiences throughout Australia, and  presenting over 2400 concerts in capital cities, regional communities and schools.

They offer a special experience for professionals new to Musica Viva at the Sydney and Melbourne concerts. Young Professionals network before the concert, and meet a guest speaker giving insights about the music they are going to hear. The guest speakers have included composers, musicians and educators. Young Professionals also receive an exclusive invitation to attend interval drinks with other special guests.

The following day a feedback survey is sent to understand their views of the event and if they would attend again.

Musica Viva asked Tribe Research to review their survey.

The survey was set up in Survey Monkey and consisted of six screens, as following.

Below that is the feedback we provided as part of the Survey Design Review. The feedback is provided as a PDF document so Musica Viva could make changes they’d like to adopt.

Dear Musica Viva,

Thank you for requesting Tribe Research’s Survey Design Review. We’re pleased to be presenting you with our feedback.

You’ve decided to do the survey online and we feel this is appropriate as the majority of your target population have supplied their e-mail addresses and are used to receiving information in this format. We’ve provided feedback with this methodology in mind as certain questions are more and less suited to certain methods of data collection.

The report is on the following page. There are three key sections:

  1. Must Change [Red] are aspects that must change in your survey for it to be beneficial for you.
  2. Recommend Change [Orange] are aspects that we recommend you change for your survey to have a better outcome.
  3. Strengths [Green] are aspects that we recommend you don’t change.

For each of the key sections, we’ve broken it into five themes so it is easier for you to follow.

  1. Cover Letter that we recommended you send to us for review
  2. Order of the questions and flow so that participants remain engaged
  3. Questions that we have specific comments about
  4. Thank you to your participants and acknowledgement of their input
  5. Other aspects

If, after you’ve collected your feedback, you would like the data professionally analysed, contact us for a quote.

We also have tools for you to analyse your data yourself in a visual format that is easier to absorb and interpret. CloudMaker makes word clouds, similar to tag clouds, where common words are large and less common words are small. This enables you to clearly see the language your tribe uses. Also, for rating questions utilising importance and satisfaction or performance scales, you can import the data into ActionMap which will present the results on a grid or map so you can see the priorities for marketing and business planning.

If you would like to design your next survey in a Masterclass environment then Kate Tribe hosts these for small business and member organisations.

We’d love your feedback – both positive and negative (so we can improve). If you have any comments, please let us know by return email or phone +61 2 8096 2546.

Happy exploring!

Tribe Research

Must Change Cover letter E-mail: Standardise email to include the length of time to complete. If there is an incentive, include details of what and how to be included.

Standardise 1st page to include

  • Thank you / acknowledgement of attendance or intention to attend
  • Explanation of the survey purpose
  • Privacy disclaimer
  • Incentive info
  • Length

Change the length from 2 minutes to 5 minutes as that is more accurate.

Questions Q4 – add At least to (once or twice a week)

Q5 – Change wording to – Do you or did you ever play a musical instrument either as a hobby or professionally?

Yes, as a hobby
Yes professionally

Q6 – Change wording to – Which of the following artistic organisations have you attended a concert for in the last 12 months?

Q7 – Change wording to – Before the recent “Young Professionals” pre-concert event and performance of the Atos Trio from Berlin, have you ever attended a Musica Viva concert?

Q8 – Change wording to – Based upon your Atos Trio concert experience, would you attend a future Musica Viva chamber music concert?

Q12 – Change wording to – Now, thinking about the pre-concert drinks and talk, how could this part of the event be improved?

Q16 Change to – Thinking back to last night, what are the first three words that come to mind?

Thank you
Other ‘Australianise’ the spelling (remove the ‘ize’ and replace with ‘ise’).

Make the header background white rather than blue so that the logo is seamless with the rest of the header.

Recommend Change Cover letter Upload your database file so that personalised links can be sent to participants, this will also allow you to start the email invitation personalised with their name and include all the information so that when they click on the link they will start with the questions.
Order Change order to have the general music related questions at the front to ‘warm respondents up – so move Q4, Q5 and Q6 to Q1, Q2 and Q3. Suggest wording at start to say:
Firstly, we would like to know a little more about your interest and exposure to chamber music….
Questions Q1 – Change wording to – Thinking about the Atos Trio concert, how much did you enjoy this concert, using a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 means ‘did not enjoy at all’ and 5 means ‘enjoyed completely. Doing this will allow you to create a mean score as well as % for each individual score.


Q2 – Remove word ‘Very’. Add a character or word limit instruction in brackets

Q3 – Change the statements to ‘I’ statements:

  • I am interested in the music / performer
  • I am curious about the chamber music concert experience
  • It is an opportunity for me to socialise and network with people
  • I received a personal invitation
  • I received a free or discounted ticket

Q4 – Change to a grid that has:

  • Radio
  • Recordings (such as CD’s)
  • Concerts

And the scale across the top.

Q8 – Change wording to – Based on your experience at …, how likely would you be to attend a future Music Aviva chamber music concert? (Please use a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 means definitely not re-attend and 5 means definitely would re-attend). [This will allow mean scores to be created. If implemented change logic accordingly].

Q9 – change / add ‘like’ to music / artist related options

Q9 – add option that relates to the venue.

Q11 – Change wording to:

Musica Viva concert ticket prices at City Recital Hall Angel Place range from $31 (Saturday matinee) to $105. How likely would you be to purchase a ticket to return to a Musica Viva concert? (Please use a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 means ‘definitely would’ not and 5 means ‘definitely would’).

Thank you Move the Thank you for filling out this survey! To be underneath If you would like to be added to the Musica Viva… and change to Thank you for your feedback, it will assist in improving the Young Professionals program. We hope to see you at the next concert.
Other Survey Monkey allows you to personalise links so that they are easier to remember:

Redirect could go to blog so they could read more about the concert, rather than the MVA home page.

Strengths Cover letter Short and encouraging participation.
Order General order and structure of the survey was good. Good having the personal questions at the end.
Questions Good use of rules so that survey experience is shorter for participants.
Thank you

Their feedback

Kate and her team conducted a Survey Design Review for a campaign to the Musica Viva Young Professionals. Young Professionals guests are brand-new initiates into our world of chamber music concerts, so it’s of utmost importance that we get to know them asap, and thanks to Kate and her crew, we’ve gained vital insights into tightening up our survey campaigns. Now we can move ahead knowing that results are clear, concrete and consistent. And the Tribe Research folks are great to work with!

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