Law Institute of Victoria – Survey Design Review

We recently interviewed the Law Institute of Victoria about our Survey Design Review, here is what they said:

How did you find the process of getting the feedback?
I contacted Tribe Research to provide urgent feedback for a key survey we were asked to run. They were so understanding, which meant that there was no anxiety that Tribe Research would miss the business deadline for their feedback on our proposed questions.

Was the feedback useful?
The feedback was very useful as we could easily reframe some of the questions to get the best response.

Was the report easy to understand?
The report was easy to follow and it was easy to amend the feedback suggestions within the original survey.

Did you implement the changes?
We implemented the changes because we wanted to ensure that we were framing the questions as per the professional advice and expertise of Tribe Research.

Would you recommend the survey design review product to your colleagues?
Yes. It is always difficult, especially for longer surveys. For me, it is important to know that you are getting the best out of a question and that it will provide meaningful data. Sometimes being too close to a survey you are creating can impact on the question structure. Having a set of expert eyes as a second opinion was reassuring and helpful.

What was your overall impression of the Survey Design Review?
The Tribe Research team are professional, extremely helpful, understand what your objectives are and make you feel assured that your timelines will be met. Most of all after the feedback, you feel like you are sending out a great survey.

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